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About Us.

Bakaima Investments Ltd was borne out of the desire to provide knowledge and understanding about property (Land and Housing). Not long ago that land theft and improper land documentation and preservation has caused many conflicts among the people of Uganda that has resulted into loss of property and consequently the lives of others are threatened and put to risk. The housing sector in Uganda is till at low standard. We wish to improve that by helping Ugandans acquire funds to meet their housing needs.

We are therefore here to help you acquire property, free from encumbrances with proper documentation.


“A promise for integrity”

Our Moto.

  • To promote the quality of Land use in Uganda
  • To improve on the housing sector in Uganda through real estate financing
  • To provide management skills in real estate business
  • To provide quality services in the land documentation process

Our Mission.

To provide guidance and solutions to the people so as to develop real estate sector in Uganda as a means of improving housing and additional value to land as a factor of production through proper land documentation and providing new innovations as far as property management is concerned.

Our Vision.

We envision seeing a developed Uganda in particular and East Africa at large in the housing sector for the people.

In order to follow our mission and fulfil our vision, we will incorporate the following core values with our daily activities;

(a) Integrity
We make commitments and accountable to them.

(b) Knowledge and Innovation
We do carry on the knowledge with us in the real estate business and always want to come up with solutions and new ideas that may improve the real estate business in Uganda.


(c) Discipline
We strive to meet personal and company goals, customer needs and the state. We are accountable to ourselves to protect the company culture and ethics.

(d) Passion
We carry out our work with passion and full commitment and continually strive for excellence.

(e) Community Engagement
We work here and have responsibility to give back, participate and invest both time and resources to make communities in Uganda a better place

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